Targeting to satisfy its clients and to offer high quality products with greatest efficiency and effectiveness, Sweeteez Professional cosmetics company values the results promoted by hairstylists and considers them as beauty artists. For this reason, Sweeteez daily develops unique cosmetological solutions that provide charm and well-being luxuriously.
Its most distinctive difference from other brands is Sweeteez  constant search for excellence in the industrial process of its products. A qualified and specialized staff team assures that goal by making careful selection of raw material to ensure the best products with extreme uniformity.
Sweeteez Cosmetics, luxury in your hands!
Working with efficiency to reach innovation and high quality products, Sweeteez mission is to offer to the market all of singularly and luxury to become the referential of exclusive products that improve the daily routine of the hair beauty professional.
To become referential in luxury and beauty for all hair cosmetics market – national and internationally.
Sweeteez Story
Established in the market for almost two years, Sweeteez Professional composed its essence by providing moments of luxury and pleasure to all hairstylists when performing services with Sweeteez products. This valuable mission aims to allow that the beauty business explores its clients’ personality and conquer their self-esteem.
This is our challenge, to transform and reach the universalization of beauty to the entire world with splendor and charm.
Luxury is our speech, our science and our compromise.
Sweeteez Cosmetics, luxury in your hands!



Rua João Paulo Ablas, 1400 -
Galpão Número 4
Bairro Jardim da Glória
Cotia - SP - Brasil
CEP: 06711-250
+55 11 3637 . 7711


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